Monday Mantra :: LOVE


2017 brings the return of the blog... little love notes each week for empowering, inspiring, and supporting you in coming home to yourself. 

{artist :: Silvi Alcivar, @poetrystore}

{artist :: Silvi Alcivar, @poetrystore}

The above picture posted on Instagram on NYE reminded me of an experience I had a year or two ago when I participated in a group breathwork workshop at my favorite healing center in Brooklyn, back when I lived in New York.  At the very end of the session, I had a powerful visualization.  For me, breathwork brings about lots of images and other-worldly journeys.  During the quiet of the normal breathing this particular time, I had a vision of my adult self sitting in the hospital bed with my dad when he was dying.  For those who haven't heard this part of my story, my dad died from cancer when I was 12, but in this moment post-breathwork, in my mind and heart, I was bringing the past into my present for healing. All of our family and his friends were around us while the two of us were sitting up, side by side, in his bed.  In this dream, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell all of us, since he had made it to the other side.  Some words of wisdom or comfort he'd like to impart to us now that he was one with Spirit.  He said this:

"Love.  Just love.  All you need is Love."


At the end of the day... the bottom line... when we reach the end of our road... all we need is... simple (although perhaps difficult and challenging at times).  We need love.


My wish for you this 2017 is for more love.  To love anyway.  To love always.  
Love is love is love is love.

Start with yourself.  Shower yourself with love.  And this will cause a ripple that showers the rest of the world with love.  

This week's mantra: I AM Love.