River Garden Yoga Center Breathwork Pre-Registration


River Garden Yoga Center Breathwork Pre-Registration


 River Garden Breathwork Circle on the 4th Friday of every month
7:30pm to 9:30pm
River Garden Yoga Center: 455 West 7th Street, Saint Paul, MN


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Join me the 4th Friday of every month for an evening of community and healing with a Breathwork Healing Circle.  Consider it your check-in with your body, soul, and support system of heart-centered people.  Cherish it as your monthly therapy healing session with your highest self.  This is for self-love.  This is for coming home to your glorious and golden self.  

What is Breathwork?  
Breathwork is a self-healing modality that uses the breath as a catalyst for releasing, processing, expansion, and transformation.  The rhythmic pattern of the pranayama breath with two inhales and one exhale becomes an active meditation, giving our beautiful and busy minds something to focus on so we may sink into our intuitive, feeling, and expressive bodies.  In this group circle, you will be surrounded in a supportive nest by other brave breathers.  As your space holder and guide, I will gently lead you into the breath and into the deepest parts of yourself using affirmations, essential oils, energy healing, and a sound track of music made special for our evening together.  

With breathwork, you can…
…work through heavy emotions like grief, sadness, anger, frustration
…flood your body with light emotions like joy, pleasure, and self-love
…move and open the energy in your body to create a natural high
…increase the oxygen and raise your vibration to alkalize your body and promote healing of illness
…become grounded and centered into your core for clarity and creative inspiration
…connect with community and Spirit to heal yourself and the world


What to bring: we'll be lying down on the studio floor to breathe, so bring with you blankets, a yoga mat, and dress warm… whatever makes you feel like you'll be held in your own personal nest

Where we'll be: River Garden Yoga Center has a gorgeous, cave-like lower studio where we will set up our circle and nest of blankets.  There is plenty of free street parking and you will enter in the rear entrance at the back of the studio off of West Sturgis Street.

Questions?  email me at helen.buron@gmail.com

Private sessions also available by request - email to schedule! 

Refund Policy: Pre-registered tickets will be refunded prior to 24 hours before the start of the event.  
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.