My name is Helen.  And this is my invitation (and my offering of service) to come home.  To your body.  Again and again.  Each day.  Every day.  In this moment.  And every moment.  Now.  And now.  And now.  And now.

What is "coming home to your body"?  

It's a dropping down and in.
Grounding.  Feet feeling the earth.
Tuning in.  Softening.  Opening.
Feeling and listening.
It's a sacred space of connectedness to oneself.  
To others.
To the planet.
To the Universe.

Our bodies hold our wisdom, house our emotions, support our will.  Let's tap back into that source of sweet and truthful goodness. 


My mission is to wildly inspire, gently guide, and lovingly hold space for the journey of transformation towards more vibrant health, soulful healing, and living a life of authentic purpose by coming back home to our bodies.


My Own Homecoming Journey:

Being a sensitive and empathic woman, being at home in my body has always been a struggle.  Growing up, I preferred my imaginary world of play and make-believe.  When I was twelve, my father passed away from a very quick battle with cancer and in order to not feel the deep pain and grief, I started living up in my headspace even more.  Two years later, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which was a blessing in disguise (although, many days it doesn't feel like a blessing!).  This chronic disease, in order to be managed, demands that I have body awareness to the subtle changes in my body's equilibrium.  The Universe gave me a life-or-death reason to return to my body.  My childhood passion for imaginary play continues into my adulthood in the form of being an artist and a performer.  To create a moving performance as an actor, I have to EMBODY the character.  Again, another tool for getting back into my body.  

As I began to spend more time in my body, she started to lead me to a more authentic self.  I experimented with diets, adapted my lifestyle habits, and dug deep into soul work to find what makes me feel juicy, rich, succulent, and beautifully (and sometimes painfully) alive.    

For me, this mission to come home to my body is an every day quest and hopefully, overtime, the moments when I leave my body are far and few between.  In the meantime, I would love to share the tools that I have learned through self-exploration and intensive study to help you discover the things that work for you.  Light and love.

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Follow me on Instagram for updates and inspirational posts @helen.buron !

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