“Helen is a wonderful intuitive healer and leader who gave me her undivided attention during our one-on-one new moon circles together. It was a unique experience for my road to recovery. Helen is magical!” — H.D., Astoria, NY

My calling is to hold space for you to come home to yourself.  We have all we need inside of our sweet soul; we just need help remembering, returning, revealing, and rising sometimes.

“Helen is a truly gifted healer. As soon as she touches you, you can sense the energy start to move and shift through you. While she takes into consideration what you may have shared with her about what is going on in your life at the time of your session, she really listens and responds to the energy of the body, which sometimes we just aren’t fully aware of. She lets her intuition guide her time with you, allowing for a unique experience each and every time you see her. I have seen her on a number of occasions and each and every time is pure magic—I am a different, shifted person after seeing her. She helps you to really shed what you don’t need, freeing you up to love and the endless possibilities that are at our reach each and every day—she just has the ability to make you feel confident in seizing up those opportunities. You will leave her feeling weightless, your heart full and ready for whatever is coming next.” —J.M., Brooklyn, NY

I offer healing sessions in Breathwork, Esoteric Chakra Healing, Reiki, and health coaching.  Intuitively, I use these healing tools to create a custom session unique to you.  We can also do a traditional session with any of these modalities, if you prefer.  Each modality complements one another, which makes the work all the more powerful and deep. 

Session Rates:
Custom hour long healing session: $70
Package of 3 sessions: $150

**Special Sunday Reiki Mini-Sessions: 30 minute gentle hands-on session at a discounted rate - perfect for those who've never experienced a reiki session before, those who need a little energy tune-up, or those who are on a budget. Reiki is a relaxing, restorative way to spend a Sunday!  $25 for 30 minutes on a Sunday, because everyone deserves to have some self-care in their lives!  


Sessions can be booked in person or long-distance via phone/skype.  Sessions include a brief check-in, energy work custom to what your body and spirit needs, closing comments about the healing experience and wisdom gathered, and an email recap sent to you later for your continued pondering and heart-work.

In person healing sessions are held at Stockheart Whole Health:  


3041 Aldrich Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408
United States

Parking is available across the street from the building in the church parking lot on Aldrich. Or park on the street -- both are free. Please do not park in the adjacent lot just south of the building (on the NE corner of Aldrich and 31st). This is reserved for Top Shelf customers and staff only.


**I also offer private circles for a group of your closest loves.  Content is created specifically and uniquely to the occasion you are honoring (ie bachelorette parties, birthdays, new babes, monthly friend gathering) and I will travel to your space.  Inquire about rates.

“Helen Buron is a warm, compassionate, and intuitive healer. When she walks in the room, her vibrance and cheerful attitude is healing in and of itself! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving several esoteric energy healing sessions with Helen and they were the most enticing part of my week. I always left feeling more balanced, relaxed, and invigorated than I was before. Her sessions also catapulted me into a deep, nourishing, visionary place that is mysterious and beyond any written word. I was able to tap into parts of myself that are deep beneath the surface. Helen was always willing and open to help me communicate and understand my experience or just be a listening ear. Helen is a wonderful woman, healer, and friend, and I would recommend her to anyone!” — M.E., Brooklyn, NY

What is Breathwork?
An active, rhythmic meditation that has three parts, breathwork is a form of self-healing that gets you out of your mind and into the body by increasing the oxygen level in the body to produce energy and flow.  Breathing into the belly, heart, and out an open mouth creates space for emotion and blocks to move through the body as you begin to feel more open and clear as you release the old.  The practitioner guides you through the breathing, using oils, sage, music, affirmations, reiki, and other tools to support your body during the healing journey.

What is Esoteric Energy Healing?
An off the body energy healing, Esoteric focuses on the seven chakras of the body on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Each chakra system connects to a specific endocrine gland and set of organs that the practitioner will gently call into balance in order to bring more flow of energy through the body.

What is Reiki? 
A light hands-on or sometimes hands-off the body energy healing, Reiki calls in the universal life force energy that brings the body back to a balanced, natural state of well-being on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Reiki is a soothing, nurturing modality that is very relaxing and meditative.  

What is health coaching?
In a discussion based setting, health coaching is judgement-free, collaborative space to be seen, heard, and supported in making healthy lifestyle changes that include nutrition, exercise, and lots of self-care.  We brainstorm ways to make this changes feel doable for your lifestyle, your timing, and your body.


“I’ve had energy healing, health coaching, reiki, and circles with Helen. She is intuitive, calming and immediately puts me at ease. When she is leading a circle, her voice is comforting, her reiki touch is healing, and her health coaching is firm, yet understanding. She knows from her own experience that transformation involves work of my own, yet she gently allows me to achieve that myself, with her encouragement, support, information, and followup.” — SMS, Eagan, MN


Are you ready to step into your power and purpose to live your precious life feeling vibrant, alive, juicy, and at your greatest potential?  Let's come home to self.  Together.

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