Your body is your home.

I guide you to finding clarity and movement with your energy and emotions so you can live more fully present in your body... in your home.


Rather than being stuck, blocked, confused, unsure, unsteady, numb, overwhelmed, hurting..

you leave your session feeling clear, clean, grounded, centered, powerful, lit up, confident, vibrant, inspired, gentle, and more loving of yourself.  


Using the healing tools in my tool belt, my intuition, and Spirit, we work with your body, your wisdom, and your own inner guidance to find ways for YOU to continue the healing in your day to day moving forward.  We empower you to continue the work and to manifest a creative and fulfilling life of purpose.  


What is "coming home to your body"?  

It's a dropping down and in.
Grounding.  Feet feeling the earth.
Tuning in.  Softening.  Opening.
Feeling and listening.
It's a sacred space of connectedness to oneself.  
To others.
To the planet.
To the Universe.

Our bodies hold our wisdom, house our emotions, support our will.  Let's tap back into that source of sweet and truthful goodness. 


090_Helen Buron Headshots 2018.jpg


As a sensitive and empathic woman, being at home in my body had been a struggle.  Growing up, I preferred my imaginary world of play and make-believe.  When I was twelve, my father passed away from a very quick battle with cancer and in order to not feel the deep pain and grief, I started living up in my headspace even more.  Two years later, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which was a blessing in disguise (although, many days it doesn't feel like a blessing!).  This chronic disease, in order to be managed, demands that I have body awareness to the subtle changes in my body's equilibrium.  The Universe gave me a life-or-death reason to return to my body.  My childhood passion for imaginary play continues into my adulthood in the form of being an artist and a performer.  To create a moving performance as an actor, I have to EMBODY the character.  Again, another tool for getting back into my body.  

As I began to spend more time in my body, she started to lead me to a more authentic self.  I experimented with diets, adapted my lifestyle habits, and dug deep into soul work to find what makes me feel juicy, rich, succulent, and beautifully (and sometimes painfully) alive.    

Following the acting bug to New York turned into an extremely healing and self-discovery adventure that opened wide the world of the healing arts.  Amongst the beauty and grit of the fast-paced concrete jungle of the city, I learned quickly how to take up space.  Being surrounded by eclectic, artistic, and  unique people who danced to the beat of their own drum gave me the freedom to find the eclectic, artistic, and unique parts of myself.  I discovered my gifts as a healer, my purpose as a lightworker, and found my favorite medicine of breathwork, which helps me on a daily basis to live vibrantly as a sensitive, intuitive, empathic womxn in this crazy, chaotic, beautiful world.  I have since moved back to my homeland of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and expansive skies, to re-connect more deeply with nature, myself, and a community of heart-centered artists, humans, and creatures in the Midwest.   

You too can be at home in your body, in your power, and in your brilliance. 

If I can do it, so can you.  Besides, the world needs you and your brilliance.  Time to shine, beauties!