Breathwork has changed my life. At first, I began going once a month to get my regular emotional and energetic tune-up. Then, deciding I wanted to spread the love of the work, I got trained in the technique with David Elliot. Over that week of training, I breathed every day for six days. And I was transformed. Freed. Healed from layers of old shit I didn't even know I was holding onto. And I came back a new person.

So I'm bringing to you weekly Breathwork circles in two different locations, so that you may have the choice to breathe as little or as much as you would like. I'll be holding space for specific themes and intentions, but bring with you what you most want to focus on. This is a spiritual, creative, healing practice for you. Your breath. Your body. Your timing. Your experience. Your healing. See you in the sacred space!


Breathwork is a three-part, active meditation that gets us out of our mind and into our body. Breathing first into the belly to stir up the stuck thoughts, buried emotions, blocked energy, and old stories, we breathe into the heart center to purify, honor, and transform with love, before we exhale and release out an open mouth. Increasing the oxygen level and energy in our body creates a space of openness, healing, clarity, and trust for our intuitive impulses, inner wisdom, and creativity.  I will guide and support you through the breathing using music, essential oils, affirmations, and energy healing.  But breathing is a great modality of SELF-healing for anyone looking to dive deeper into themselves. Your breath. Your body. Your experience. Your healing.


Breathwork for Creative Expression
At Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave, NYC

Many of us have moved to New York City to pursue artistic dreams: actor, dancer, painter, chef, musician, writer, artist, etc. Sometimes it can feel like being a small fish in a big sea when it comes to claiming our artistry. It's easy to get caught up in "day jobs" , self doubt, or other blocks that stifle our creative process.

So, whether you are an established artist making it happen or you're just starting out finding your way through this crazy city…. whether you are currently working on a project or you're wanting accountability to finally START your next project… this community is for you.

We'll begin our circle by sharing, checking in, supporting each other's dreams, goals, intentions. Then we'll breathe together to create space for our creative impulses and intuition to show up in a big way… removing emotions or thought patterns that are blocking us or keeping us stuck.  

I will be holding this space for you to come once or as many times as feels good throughout the summer. 

Tuesdays in July & August
*No circle Aug 4th
Exchange: $20

Breathwork for Healing
At Center for Remembering and Sharing
123 4th Ave 2 floor, NYC

Thursdays in July & Aug
*No circle July 30th
Exchange: $20

For private sessions or questions, email: