Divine Rising: 
A Summer movement & Meditation series for Women

The purpose is to come together in community to quiet ourselves, find our center, and use movement to get into our bodies to find what is true, sacred, and divine to us.

Saturday mornings throughout the summer, we will gather with a host of guest teachers to explore different forms of movement and meditation in order to deepen our relationship to self through regular practice of getting into our bodies, tuning in, centering, and connecting with a tribe of women. In finding what type of movement and which form of meditation resonates with us will allow a more intimate and loving experience of the sacred within our own being.

We've had a glorious summer so far… moving, shaking, grooving, and breathing.  Three more chances to join us over the month of August.

August 8th, 15th, & 22nd
10am - noon
Lucid Body House: 230 Lexington Ave, NYC

Drop in exchange: $20
to purchase tickets in advance: click here for eventbrite.com
or pay cash at the door

Meet the Guest Teachers:

August 8th: Katie Knipp
Theme: gratitude

Tapping into Katie's movement training with the actor/dancer method of Lucid Body as well as her experience with energy healing, meditation, and yoga, we'll explore the energy in our chakras as we take time to breathe, center, ground, and honor ourselves for where we are and then dive into our theme of gratitude. 

Katie Knipp is a Certified Lucid Body Instructor who has trained under Fay Simpson (Lucid Body Founder, NYU Graduate Acting). She has served on the acting faculty with the Lucid Body Studio, Yale School of Drama, NYU(Stella Adler Studio), and the Actor’s Center. With the Lucid Body Impact Theatre Company, Katie has acted in original productions including, Forensics of Breath, and Scotty- an adaptation of Raymond Carver’s “A Small Good Thing,” which is co-produced by the Stella Adler Studio. She has also served as assistant director to Fay in the Lucid Body Impact Theatre’s original Solo Shows, and the Theatre For Social Change Veterans project, Homecoming

In addition to her work with the Lucid Body, Katie’s favorite NYC performances include, the one-woman play Bad Dates (actor, and co-producer), Christmas Rappings by Al Carmines, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (McGinn/Cazale Theatre). Regional credits include; South Pacific (Arts Center for Coastal Carolina), A Little Night Music, Measure for MeasureA Midsummer Night’s Dream (Orlando Shakespeare Theatre), Harvey, The Imaginary Invalid (Tent Theatre). Training includes: BFA Musical Theatre (Missouri State University) Orlando Shakespeare Theatre 9-Month Training Program, Jaques Lecoq Technique (Elena Day; Circ de Soleil), Linklater Technique (Andrea Haring, Judith Light, Susan Schuld).

SAT AUG 15TH: candace williams
Theme: Authentic Movement & awareness

We'll allow the body to speak to us through a series of authentic movement exercises designed to realize and appreciate the bountiful gifts that our bodies are delivering to us in the present moment.


Originally a Pennsylvania girl, Candace has traveled far and wide during a 20+year career as a dance performer, educator, and choreographer.  In addition, she has joyously studied several forms of yoga and meditation over the past ten years to supplement and fuel her creative resources.  Her most recent passions include authentic movement and dance therapy as they pertain to emotional liberation through physical movement.  She has resided in Astoria, Queens for the past two years, and will be moving to the UK in the fall to formally study Dance Movement Psychotherapy.


Theme: Gravity & our internal life

We'll start by exploring the dynamic, poetic relationship we have with gravity and reflecting on our lifelong interaction with this force. From there we will play with moving energy through the body and feeling the ongoing connection and exchange between our internal life and our external circumstance.




Born in Alaska, raised in South Dakota and residing in Brooklyn, Jalyn is pursuing, like many, the dream of living an authentic, artistic existence while continuing to pay the bills. She’s learned it’s not always easy but certainly rewarding. Before moving here, Jalyn earned her Theatre Arts degree at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. After graduation, she relocated to upstate NY to study with Kari Margolis at the Margolis Method Center Int’l and spent the next 5 years honing her skills as a performer, director and teacher. The training there taught her how engaging the body mindfully can provide a wealth of stimulation and inspiration from within. She also learned that embodying principles of the natural world, a kind of muscular physics of the body, increases expressivity and connects us with the universal language of humanity in our storytelling. Jalyn had the pleasure of playing the role of MC in BREAD's Brecht adaptation of Rise and Fall at People Lounge this past spring. She is happy to be collaborating on this Divine Rising workshop with her colleague, friend and roommate extraordinaire, Helen!