Monday Mantra :: In and Out

I breathe in ______. I breathe out _____..jpg

We are in waning moon time, with the end of the week (FriYAY!) bringing us a new moon.  This means it's the perfect time to clean house, both literally and figuratively.  Clear out the clutter from your counters, closets, drawers and the clutter from your thoughts, emotions, and energy. 

What is no longer working for you?  What leaves you feeling uninspired and stuck?  Where in your life could you use some breathing room or a breath of fresh air?

This week's mantra gives you a practice for calling in what you need and for letting go of what you're ready to release.  A way for you to clean the house of your body with your breath: 

On your INHALE, say in your mind and hold the intention: I BREATHE IN LOVE.

On your EXHALE, say in your mind and hold the intention: I BREATHE OUT FEAR.

Continue a few reps, filling in the blanks for what you want to breathe life to and what you want to release.  Here are a few more examples to get you started: 

I breathe in peace and I breathe out stress.
I breathe in calm and I breathe out anxiety.
I breathe in abundance and I breathe out scarcity.
I breathe in energy and I breathe out depletion.


This week's mantra :: I breathe in ______ and I breathe out _________ .