Offerings Overview

The descriptions below are of the three healing modalities I offer.  See what feels right for you and let me know if you have any questions about choosing a healing modality.  We can customize your session to be a blend of any and all of these modalities that support you in the way you need.  All sessions are available to be booked through my online scheduler and can be held in person or via phone/online.  

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esoteric chakra healing

An off the body energy healing, Esoteric Chakra Healing focuses on balancing the energy field for the chakras, endocrine glands, and organ systems and includes an intuitive write-up of messages from the body after the session.  Each chakra system connects to a specific endocrine gland and set of organs that the practitioner will gently call into balance in order to bring more flow of energy through the body.  Perfect for those with specific health concerns and those wanting more clarity about their body, energy, and life. 

reiki healing

A light hands-on or just above the body energy healing, Reiki calls in the universal life force energy that brings the body back to a balanced and natural state of well-being on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Reiki is a soothing, nurturing modality that is very relaxing and meditative.  Perfect for relaxing the nervous system, clearing fatigue, for chronic conditions, deep rest, and getting centered and aligned with self.  




Breathwork is a powerful active meditation technique that uses the power of your own breath to clear and focus the mind in order to be fully present to feeling the sensations, emotions, wisdom, insight, and the power for your body.  The experience encourages the release of stuck energy, mental patterns and habits, trauma, addictions, anxiety, old wounds, heavy emotions like anger and grief, and connects you to your intuition, creativity, gratitude, and joy.  You'll leave feeling lighter and brighter, grounded and centered.