As a student of life, my learning and course of study is a continuous and on-going journey.  But here are some highlights of where I have gathered wisdom over the years with great gratitude to all my teachers and mentors.



*BA in Theatre & Theology at St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, MN
*Holistic Health Coaching certificate from Institute of Integrative Nutrition
*Esoteric Healing Levels I & II with The International Network for Energy Healing taught by Martha Henry-MacDonald & Steve Kramer
*Reiki 1 taught by Lisa Levine


*Freelancing artistic work, energy healing services, and health coaching program
*Healer Exchange at Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, NY

*Collaborator, Performer, & Creator at Creative Spirit with founder Gabriel Ross
*Chiropractic Assistant at North St. Paul Chiropractic Office in North St. Paul, MN
*Transportation Guardian and Mentor for New Hope Manor: A Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility for Women in Barryville, NY
*Customer Service Gigs: Server, Cashier/Front-End Manager, Security Dispatcher, Meeting and Events Coordinator, Babysitter, and Full-time Nanny 


*Self Healing with Energy Medicine workshop with Ann Marie Chiasson, MD
*Strength Training Program and Strongman Competition Prep with Daniel Buron, MS, CSCS, CISSN
*Medical Intuitive Healing Sessions with Melanie Erickson
*Chiropractic Advance Series, INC Seminars: Guidance for Building a Better Practice
*Peer Listening: Active and Compassionate Communication Skills with Rob Kesslering & Colleen Jamieson
*I Heart My Moon Cycle with Sara Avant Stover and guest speakers


*Lucid Body Intensive Workshops with founder Fay Simpson: Anima/Animus- a Study of Masculine and Feminine Energy & The Hero’s Journey in NYC
*Margolis Method: An Actor Training Revolution – A Physical Approach to Acting, Directing, & Playwriting with Kari Margolis in Barryville, NY

*Collaboration and the Art of Performance Workshop with Live Action Set in Mpls, MN 
*Performing Apprentice with Sandbox Theatre in Mpls, MN
*14+ years of theatre experience including 25+ productions


*Wild Woman Circle Leader Training with founder of The WILD Woman project Chris Maddox
*Introductory & Advanced classes in Intuitive Development with Rebecca Hopper
*Wild Woman Initiation Workshop & Wild Woman Fest: Unleashing Your Creativity with founder of The WILD Woman Project Chris Maddox and various teachers

*Shaman Circles with Barnaby Ruhe
*Simply Woman 12 Week TeleCourse with Crystal Andrus 
*Meditative Writing with Jess Hinds and The Jacob Kruger Studio