Sweet Soul Rising

"Be encouraged at the New Moon, and breathe in the spirit of Sagittarius - let it revive your weary soul, and bring the twinkle back to your eyes….the jovial heart of the archer is restless for inspiration, friendship, and love…" - Molly Hall, MysticMamma

This month, the new moon is in my sign
So it feels like coming home


Sit for a moment with me
Light a candle
Deep breaths
Feeling the heavens and earth on opposite ends of the spine
Connected to soul light above
Grounded to root below

Hands on heart
What emotions are there?
Is there anything coming up for you now that your heart wants you to hear?

Breathe in love
Breathe out fear
Inhale gratitude
Exhale resistance

In this place of presence
Of stillness
Of quite
And of gentleness and tenderness for self
Ask that inner knowing, that inner voice who knows your truth...

"What gleeful new beginning will bring expansion and freedom to my life now?
What would I do if I were fearless?
Sweet soul rising, what can I do this cycle to make my spirit sing?"

And with the energy of the New Moon supporting intentions
Let's join our hearts together
To rise and expand

"The Sagittarius New Moon message is to create your future from the power of your vision… Your creative self-expression comes from your magical inner child.  Your inner child is your dazzling soul.  Empower your soul." -Kelley Rosano, MysticMamma