Relationship Confession: Dating Gym

I've casually dated many Gyms over the years. Some were on again-off again relationships. Others were one or two dates and then never to see each other again. Freshman year of college, a Gym and I lived right across the street from each other and we only got friendly a HANDFUL of times the whole year! (Admittedly, Cafeteria and I were real tight.)

Knowing this past experience of being noncommittal and unavailable, I am proud to announce that I am in a very steady and serious relationship with Gym!

We started hanging out twice a week last October. It was nice. Flexible. We took it slow. I bought some new athletic shirts so I felt good about how I looked for our dates. We bonded while listening to up-tempo beats. Then in January, we upped the commitment to see each other for a couple hours three times a week. I got some valuable words of weights wisdom from my exercise-relationship coach, Daniel Buron (this guy is an expert on fostering a healthy Gym Relationship!  Follow him on Instagram: @daniel_buron). I even said the big L word..... I Love you, Gym!!

Like all relationships, we still have our ups and downs. Some nights, the LAST thing I want to do is hang out with Gym. Some days, I feel so exhausted and tired that all I want to do is be at home, by myself, put my comfys on, and lounge in bed. But on those days, I know Gym is waiting for me. Gym is counting on me. And at the end of the day, Gym ALWAYS makes me feel better. I may be totally NOT into Gym when I arrive, but by the time I'm stretching out on the mat, get into the zone, and we do our thang... I am glowing with gratitude for having made the commitment and follow through to go (okay, in all fairness, the glowing part is probably the sweat running down my body, but you get the gist that I'm taking creative liberties here...). Gym gives me strength, endorphins, grounded-ness, endurance, flexibility, many mirrors to check myself out in (ha!), and confidence. I hope we stay together for the long haul.

Point to Ponder: how's your relationship to exercise?  What areas are going really well and where might you like to see improvement?

Need some new ideas to reignite the spark?  Tips on how to go on a first date with the weights?  Or just want a little motivation for the day to day?  Hit me up!  I'm your gal!
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Shamelessly silly Friday Date Night selfie! 

Shamelessly silly Friday Date Night selfie!