Fall's a-comin'!

MN State Fair is underway (an annual sign that the summer's end is looming)... September is next week (say what?!).... And the kiddos are getting ready to get back to school (I have a nerdy love for new notebooks and writing utensils!).  As we start to see the slow change in seasons, summer BBQs and cold salads start to transition to cravings for soups and hearty dishes as our bodies begin to prep a little extra insulation and seek nourishment for the colder months ahead.  To honor and align with this seasonal change, I want to offer guidance and assistance for you and your body (as we all know, fall leads into holiday season of treats and feasts galore!).  Let me know if having a health coach would be helpful for you to reach (or maintain) your goals.  As this is a new fall program, I have awesome low rates for sessions and want to make it affordable for you, because feeling healthy is so important!  Email Helen.buron@gmail.com