Monday Musings :: Belong

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One of my favorite places in NY was the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. When I'd get done with work, I'd grab a coffee or a snack and head down the few short blocks to watch the sunset over the Manhattan skyline. Sitting on the benches, I might journal or get lost in my thoughts as I watched tourists, families who lived in the neighborhood, dogs being walked, kids on scooters, nannies, photographers, people of all sorts milling around, exercising, or just taking in the view. Sometimes I'd pinch myself as I asked, "is this my real life?" I loved it.

I never got to see the actual Twin Towers from my favorite view, but I did see the beams of light in memorial every September 11th. I saw the flowers and notes that people would leave on the promenade in remembrance. And I would hear stories of how in the days following the tower falls, the New Yorker aloofness and boundaries on the subway came down momentarily as everyone sat together in grief and disbelief.

It seems that in tragedy and loss, whether it be through violence or a natural disaster or illness or other causes, there becomes a solidarity where the only thing that matters in the moments following is people. People that we love and strangers we hope and pray for. I love this quote I saw recently by Glennon Doyle,

"We will remember that we belong to each other. It will be terrible. And it will be beautiful."

It seems there are a lot of things to band together for these days, from protesting racism and policies, to rescues from flood and flame, to holding space for one another's healing, and I'm feeling grateful to belong to you in this intense and beautiful time.  Loving you! xo


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