Full Moon June Bloom

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This morning, with my cup of hot coffee and my puppy snuggled on the couch, I read my *Many Moons* workbook about today's full moon energy.  Author Sarah Faith Gottesdiener wrote: 

"...a June Full Moon is optimal for magic around expansion, creativity, and pollination.  Hives are buzzing, flowers are being fertilized, the air is sweet with the scent of life. ... A wonderful use of a June Full Moon - any Full Moon - is celebration and appreciation of life.  June carries a feeling of joy, liberation, resistance, and reinvention.  A Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to take pause and relax into where you are right now." 

This resonated for me in many ways. 

Last summer at this time, my man and I were in the midst of doing a "home change".  We had decided it was time to move from where we were living, so all the work that goes into purging, cleaning, fixing, searching, intention-setting, showing, selling, and purchasing a new home-base went into effect.  From last June to the end of September, our time and energy was consumed with this quest.  We consider that time period "The Lost Summer".  

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Fast forward to this summer, we are experiencing this season in our new house for the first time and we have declared this as "The Savor Summer".  We are enjoying the little things, like watching what plants pop up in our yard, grilling on our patio, and putting our feet in the grass.  We are going for walks, playing golf (mostly Steve), eating all the summer fruit (mostly me), and swimming in ponds after chasing squirrels (mostly Moon). 

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I share this with you, on this glorious full moon in June, in order to inspire some savoring of your own.  What is it about summer you love most?  Can you incorporate some of that into your days?  What are you feeling grateful for in your life?  Where would you like to live bigger, freer, more abundantly?  How can you add some creativity to your daily routine? 

Can you allow the sweetness of a juicy peach to run down your chin?  How about picking some wild flowers and making a crown or a bouquet for your office?  What fiction novels can you get lost in or outside outings to adventure through? 

As we scroll through our social media feeds and listen to the news, we can see (and maybe even feel) the chaos and pain the world is going through.  We have families being separated, black boys being killed, volcanoes erupting, plastics in our oceans, loved ones who are sick, and a plethora of other unsettling and distressing things.  Like Sarah said in the quote above, let's use the "liberation" and "resistance" energy of this time and of this moon to make changes and to take action for humanity and for the planet, whether that's by calling our politicians, donating our money, investing in re-usable straws and bags, or cooking a hot meal to share, etc.  

AND!  Let's also chase our joy.  Let's take in all that this season has to offer.  Let's savor being alive.  

We can do both.  We need to do both.  

Happy Full Moon - blaze on, Moon Beam!  You've got summer savoring to do!