Give Yourself Time

Hello from Joshua Tree, CA! I booked a desert healing retreat for myself with fellow breathwork practitioner Erin Telford and I’m currently sitting in a hip, little coffeeshop/restaurant getting all my work done so I can really dive in and be present the rest of the weekend.

I have to admit: I’m a little nervous! I don’t know if I’ll know anyone on retreat and that feels a little out of my comfort zone. But I know that I need this and I’m sure I’ll come out the other side feeling refreshed and inspired.


I’ll be walking through the fire this weekend! {{And by that I mean I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone, gently breathing into the tender places ready to be seen, connecting to the earth, tapping into community support, and being open to all else that will help marinate me as I’m in my spring cocoon.}}

Speaking of cocoon’s, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions as I’m finding myself in one and I’m leaning into the lessons it’s giving me.


One method of acting and creating original theatrical work that I studied at one time in my life would emphasize THE TRANSITIONS. The space IN BETWEEN point A and point B. The juicy, human, relatable stories are the spots right in the middle of the start and the finish.

As actors (and I think also as humans), we always wanted to rush from action to action to action. It felt good to be “busy” on stage because that felt like we were “interesting”. On the contrary, the audience doesn’t get pulled in or can’t FEEL for and with the character when we rush through those moments of indecision, self doubt, confusion, conviction, discovery, decision, insight, reflection, etc etc etc and the array of emotional responses we have before and/or after an event/action.

The STORY is in the transitions.

The GOLD is found in transition. Give yourself the gift of being present in the in-between. Allow some space between the busyness to feel where you are before beginning again. It might feel uncomfortable - growing pains are a sign of the change that’s coming.

Here’s to your metamorphosis, radiant being. Give yourself time.

(Talk to you on the other side of retreat!) xo!