Birthday Blog: Rebirth Reflections

a state of being,
becoming one,
with all that is.
— Richard Cohn

Love lights,

Sunday was my birthday….one of my favorite days out of the whole year.  Last year, I gifted myself a healing session with an intuitive healer and, with her holding space for me, I celebrated my "rebirth".

Looking back to my journal of that day near the end of 2013, I set the intention to honor my inner wise woman, to step into (and explore) my divine feminine energy, and to hold the mantra that "my too much is just enough". Hell YES!  I can see all of those things manifesting in my life now in such beautiful ways. 

And what an incredible ride this year has been!!  There have been some exhilarating highs and deep lows.  I have faced my sorrows and fears while embracing my joys and dreams.  I struggled with playing the role of the victim while wracked with worry when there were only a few cents in my bank account.  I surrendered to Kali, the goddess of endings and beginnings, as she guided me through a death experience where I shed a part of self (a story to be shared in another blog post).  I called upon my high priestess energy to empower myself with creativity, strength, and inner knowing. 


I have witnessed dark and light. And I am here to proclaim the sweet song of self love and the beauty of every breath!  

I want to take a moment to honor the place healing and circles have been in my life over this past year.  One reason I find healing work so important is because a single session can give an experience that reverberates into all areas of life beyond the hour or two the session lasts for.  And the ripple effect touches other people beyond self. I love the saying that when you heal yourself you also heal the world.  And taking time each month to go inward and set intentions for myself has been invaluable as I work towards living a soul centered and at home in my body. 

In the next year of my life, I look forward to and am grateful for the opportunity to continue offering the service of intuitive health coaching and energy healing sessions, women's circles, and workshops.  Sessions combine my knowledge of nutrition with the intuitive information received directly from your body.  Circles provide space for you to show up to be seen, heard, and loved exactly as you are.  Big changes and subtle shifts occur with this kind of work and I am so honored to hold this space for you. 


This year for my birthday, I was feeling frantic and stressed about trying to go to all the glorious healing and holiday events that were happening on my day.  But upon waking, the wisdom of my aging self told me to RELAX, slow down, and just simply enjoy.  There is a healing that happens in the quiet and deep connection with self and soul mates.  So, I spent time just "being", "allowing", and "receiving".  Soaking in the joy of every tiny experience and spending it soulfully and with presence with people I love.   When asked if I have a prediction for the year ahead and what I'm excited for, I decided to hold the intention of abundance and receiving. And I am excited to do work that I love. 

If you feel in the stirrings of your heart that you are being called to this type of offering, let's work together. I would be honored to connect with you soulfully in my next abundant year around the sun! 

Love and a whole lot of light to you!