March Forth: #onward

In honor of March 4th (march forth!), a post about how I'm moving #onward:

Confession: I took about two months off from working out in November and December because I couldn't afford my gym membership.  Quitting my fulltime job while trying to get my business off the ground brought a period of time where funds were lacking.  It's embarrassing for me to admit that, especially as a health coach in the healing arts, because I find it ESSENTIAL that I walk my talk.  But I told myself in writing this blog post that I'm all about holding space for exactly how we are right now… perfectly imperfect…. and that includes me too.  So I’m showing up real and honest here.

When I returned from my hiatus in mid-January, I had lost a LOT of my strength that I had steadily built up over the past year.  So much loss that even a deload week felt super difficult.  Like I had to start all over at the beginning.  Initially, this made me frustrated, angry, and disappointed with myself.  My trainer and my man both comforted me with the encouragement that I will build back up to where I was in no time and move beyond my last threshold because I know now what's possible.

As I have returned to religiously getting in my workouts each week (makin' exercise a non-negotiable in my schedy, yo!), I realize the lesson in this experience and that it’s still okay to feel frustrated about it.  I didn't lose my love of lifting.  I didn't forget my form.  I didn't lose my confidence of stepping into the male-dominated weight room (something I had to build up when I first started out).  I didn't even pack on the pounds and gain all the weight back that I had lost.  When I first got into working out on a specific lifting program, I was almost obsessive about it.  Not wanting to ever miss one day on my program, even when on vacation or traveling!  I think this was imperative for me, in the beginning, in order to create exercise habits that have become natural in my lifestyle.

 And here's the thing!  The lesson I've learned!  Exercise and lifting weights will always be a huge and important part of my life.  I decided a long time ago that I love myself and my body so much that moving it is something I'm dedicating to for a LIFETIME.  Lifting weights and moving my body til I'm old, wise, and grey.  So, I missed some workouts.  A few blips, dips, and slow periods in my relationship with Gym (read about this in a previous post here if you missed it!).  Rather than beating myself up over the fact that I had a few months off, I can acknowledge how that felt to be stagnant and then move onward.  Brush myself off after falling off the wagon (with gentleness and tenderness rather than self-critical judgment and guilt) and jump right back on with new vigor and enthusiasm.  Cause I'm in it for the long haul.  For life.

There may be other periods of my life where this might happen again…. where I'll need to take a break from the regularly scheduled program.  And I can allow that to happen with understanding and ease rather than shame and guilt, knowing that, in my timing, I will be ready to march forth.  


Point to ponder: what healthy habit have you taken a hiatus from in your life that you are ready to re-instate as routine?  It happens to the best of us (and even to us coaches!), but doesn't mean we have to give it up forever.  In what ways are you ready to pick up where you left off?  Onward brilliant ones!

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