Monday Mantra :: Connected

I am connected..jpg

Last week's mantra focused on being grounded.  This week, we'll put our attention in the opposite direction.

In a theatre technique I trained in, we studied the qualities of gravity.  Gravity is pulling on all of us, all things, all the time.  Assisting us in our grounding.  What we theatre artists discovered is the drama (and good hero-worthy story-telling) was found in the character's WILL TO LIVE.  With the concept of physics at play, the will to live had to be strong enough for the character to stand up against gravity and move about the world.  

When we, the leading characters in our own lives, have that will to live, the will to RISE, we send energy in two directions.  Not only can our feet be planted firmly on the ground, but our crown's can be soaring and open to the heavens and we become powerful, authentic, connected characters.  

With much change happening in the world around us, feeling connected to our authentic selves and our community is extremely important and valuable.  So this week, I invite you to take a few minutes each day to feel into this connectedness: 

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Bring your awareness to the tip top of your head (where awareness goes, energy flows).

Say to yourself: I AM connected.  

When you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, closed-off, unmotivated, or any other heavy sensation, this mantra exercise is a perfect tool to use to realign yourself to the highest good and your highest self.  If it's helpful you can imagine a beam of light coming out of the crown of your head, like the branches of a tree, shooting up into the sky.  Or maybe visualizing the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon gives you that feeling of rising up and feeling one with the universe and all things.  When we connect this way, we can remember there are endless possibilities and we are never alone.  We can know that there's hope and hero-worthy, story-telling moments to be told.  

This week's mantra :: I AM Connected.


**I will be holding space for community at several different spaces in St. Paul as ways for us to connect to one another and ourselves.  Restorative Yoga and Reiki on 1/22 will be a sweet and savory way to connect with your body in a healing way.  An amazing group of people are already gathering for Breathwork on 1/27, where we dive into clearing our blocks, habits, emotions with the breath.  And on 1/29 there will be the opportunity to journal, share, and reflect in a new moon circle.  If you feel called, it would be lovely to have you