Exciting Tidbits and Gratitude Lists

Last week I had a phone date with a girlfriend who lives miles away and, since we haven't talked in several months, we were catching each other up on life.  Speaking out loud all of the things that have been going on for me lately, I realized I am in this really beautiful (and sometimes exhausting!) harvest time.   

For years, I've been planting little seeds for my desires.  Some of the earlier seeds were pretty broad and vague ("I want to make good money doing what I love...").  The more I did the inner work around my patterns, beliefs, values, self-love, worth, and receiving, the more clear my seeds have become and the more I am allowing inspiration to come through my action.  

All of this waxing poetic to say: I have some really exciting things happening in my life that I want to share! (haha!)

I've found a home for my one-on-one sessions!

It feels really amazing to say that I have a community of healers to be part of as I've been looking for a place to land my healing practice for a time ever since I moved to MN from NY.  I've joined on with an awesome team of practitioners at a lovely space in the Lyn-Lake area Minneapolis.  So if you've been curious about breathwork or energy healing or meditation or intuitive guidance, I have a home space for you to come visit me!

To celebrate this new nest, I'm offering Sunday Reiki Mini-Sessions: 30 minute gentle hands-on session at a discounted rate - perfect for those who've never experienced a reiki session before, those who need a little energy tune-up, or those who are on a budget. Reiki is a relaxing, restorative way to spend a Sunday!  $25 for 30 minutes on a Sunday, because everyone deserves to have some self-care in their lives!  

Save the Date!

Starting January 17th, 2018, I'm partnering up with Core Studio in St. Paul to coach a 12 week Health and Wellness program.  We'll meet once a week from 7pm - 8pm for 12 weeks to help you achieve the healthy vibes and healing vitality you are looking for in the new year by focusing on habits and lifestyle changes.  More information here, if you're interested.  

Moon Manifesting Breathwork Meditation

And if you're looking for ways to harvest your own good things in your life, keep your eyes peeled.  I'm creating a 5 week breathwork class that follows the moon phases for optimum manifesting of your new years intentions and best life dreams.  We'll follow the creative cycle of the moon and use the power of the breath to plant, act, clear out, and receive! 


And while all of these beautiful things are blooming, I'm continuing my gratitude practice publicly for the month of November, so if you don't follow me on instagram or Facebook, here's the round up from Nov 2nd - Nov 12th:

{click on the images to get the written gratitudes! xo}