Bubbling Birthday Blessings

It's my birthday week!  And I have to tell you, no matter how much older I am turning, I LOVE my birthday.


There's just something about that day that feels special no matter how ordinary my schedule is for that day and, the minute I open my eyes in the morning on the 14th of December, I feel such a deep, profound gratitude and giddiness to be alive.  

Maybe this love started when, as a kid growing up, my parents would always decorate the kitchen and put out the red "You are Special" plate at the head of the kitchen table for our birthdays.  There would be streamers strung from each corner of the room, a new table cloth,  and our chair would be all dolled up to match.  Even without the trappings of presents and crepe paper and ribbons, I still to this day feel this sense of anticipation upon waking... anticipation that it's my sparkling, glittering, bubbling day to be special.  (Of course, we are special and important EVERY day of our lives, but it's fun to have a particular day to really receive and celebrate that!)   

Ever since starting my own healing practice, I've always wanted to do this, but it never really worked out or it wasn't the right time.  This year, however, is the year!: 

So in honor of my birthday, this week all hour long healing sessions (in person or long distance) can be purchased for $20 off and scheduled sometime from now until the end of March.  I also offer a package of 3 healing sessions for those who want to have more regular self-care/healing work in their life or want to share the healing vibes with a session for a friend as well as themselves. 

Birthday Sessions Special Sale-3.jpg


Energetic and emotional healing work has truly changed my life for the better in so many ways and it is such an honor to be able to share the tools I've studied and practiced on myself.  If you feel called to do some inner work so your outer life can feel more easeful, full, and vibrant, it would be my pleasure to go on that journey with you. 

And thank you for being here!  One of my joys in this life is to write and having you here to read my words is something I feel such gratitude for.  As I celebrate myself, reflect on the past year,  and dream of all the magic in my next year to come, I send deep and gracious love from my tender heart to yours!