Monday Mantra :: Pleasure

Yesterday, in honor of the new moon, we created mini-vision boards in circle as our creative intention setting for this new cycle.  One way to bring more self-love and self-care into our lives is by noticing, naming, and claiming our desires.

What lights you up?  What turns you on to life in an embodied, present way?  What brings you joy and fulfillment?  What makes you feel vibrant and alive?  Grounded and centered?  

When we embrace our pleasure, we allow ourselves to be connected to our authenticity, our life force, our unique gifts and talents.  We were given these urges and yearnings and special superpowers for a reason, so let's use them to color our life with abundance and empowering insight.  This week's mantra, adapted from one of Danielle LaPort's truthbombs, helps us to practice tuning into our passions and our creative center: 

Taking a deep inhale and exhale.

Bringing your awareness to your low belly, your 2nd chakra.  

Say to yourself: MY PLEASURE EMPOWERS ME.  

Bonus extra credit is to take a few minutes to make a list of your desires, create a small vision board of images, or set a new moon intention around how you can create more pleasure and play in your life this cycle.  

This week's mantra :: MY PLEASURE EMPOWERS ME.