Midweek Mantra :: Flow

This past weekend, I traveled to visit family in Texas and on Sunday we made a trip down to the gulf coast in Galveston.  In mid-winter, it was amazing to feel the water splashing onto my bare feet in the sand.  

As a Minnesota girl, growing up in the Midwest on lakes and rivers, watching huge waves rolling in isn't something I've been around on the regular and to see them flow in from the distance filled me with excitement and a bit of nervousness as I imagined getting swept up in them.  Such power and beauty there.  Shifting my gaze downward to the sand directly near my feet, it was fascinating to see how just a slight change in perspective gave this water a different kind of beauty - one of gentleness, swooping, and ease.  This got me thinking about our emotions. 

During the course of a day, we can feel a range of emotions in a matter of minutes.  Sometimes this can make us feel crazy, overwhelmed, or like we are being bashed around out at sea, but when we feel into them one at a time our feelings become touchstones, giving us information about what we care about, what's not working, and what we need to honor and heal.  The good news is E-motions work best when they are IN-motion, so rather than bottling up, pushing down, or ignoring our feelings, this week's mantra guides us in allowing them to move and pulse like the ocean water:

Taking a deep inhale and exhale.

Close your eyes to briefly scan your body from head to toe.

Say to yourself: My emotions flow with ease.

What insight do you get from your feelings?  Where do you feel you get stuck in them and when can they flow?  When we take the time to truly FEEL, to notice and name them, it can be easier to let them go.  Tune in periodically throughout the day this week, especially when you feel a particularly strong wave come up.  

This week's mantra :: MY EMOTIONS FLOW WITH EASE.

Breathwork is a great tool for getting your emotions to flow and I offer private sessions and hold groups on the 4th Friday of every month as a great check-in with yourself.  This is also a tool you can do on your own in the comfort of your own home!