Monday Mantra :: Taking Up Space

This past weekend, I spent a few days in Chicago visiting my sister and was reminded by the lesson that big cities can teach us: take up space, yo!  Very early on as a polite gal from the midwest living in New York City/Brooklyn I realized that if I didn't push myself onto that crowded subway, be the first to walk through the open door, or make myself seen by that taxi during my commutes, I wasn't going to get ANYWHERE.  I'd be stuck waiting for a sea of people to go first before I even took my first step.  I believe this is true, and we can use this metaphor, for other areas in life.

While there is value in holding the door for our neighbor and making ourselves "hidden" can be a useful skill, this week our focus will be on where in our lives we can (and need) to speak up and make more room for ourselves.

Where do you feel yourself playing small?

When are you holding back or biting your tongue at a detriment to your own happiness, health, desires, dreams, authenticity?

Who can you ask to help get your needs met, whether from your boss, your lover, your family, your friends, your government, your divine support team?

What is one action step you can do for you that puts you one step closer to your desires?

When reflecting on those questions, what feelings come up for you?  Nervousness?  Anxiety?  A lack of clarity?  A crystal clear vision of that life area you want to see bigger, bolder, more bad-ass?  While we could get very deep with this practice and reflection, this week, we'll keep it simple and just give ourselves permission:

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Bring your awareness to the space right below your diaphragm in the center of your core (your solar plexus!).

Say as many times as you need: I allow myself to take up space.

As you breathe into this mantra, imagine and feel into the space and your boundary around your solar plexus, around your core.  Feel it expand.  Feel it broaden.  Feel it get stronger and brighter and more full.  This week the moon is waxing (getting bigger and more full) - follow her inspiration and really magnify your needs, wants, and your ability to hold (and ask for!) all you desire.   

This week's mantra :: I ALLOW MYSELF TO TAKE UP SPACE.