Monday Mantra :: Receive

While in class for my Reiki 1 healer training, we talked about the challenge in receiving. When we are the giver, we are somewhat in control and in charge. For some of us, this is easy and comes pretty naturally. Being the receiver of a compliment, a gift, a helping hand, a healing session, for example, requires a bit of surrender and vulnerability. In order to receive, there's a call for softening or an absorbing. There's an opportunity in letting our guard down to LET IN, which takes a little strength and courage if that feels hard for us. 

In honor of Valentines, I invite us to practice receiving. Whether or not you have a significant other, a sweetie, secret crush, a family, kiddos, or fur babies... YOU HAVE YOU. And what a good place to start. 

With the idea that YOU ARE YOUR OWN BELOVED, what small actions, mindset shifts, and loving words can YOU receive from YOU?  What does loving yourself look like?

And how
might that ripple out to receiving from your friends, families, lovers, community, tribe?

Taking a deep inhale and exhale. 

Focus your attention on your heart center. Take a few deep breaths here and feel into the BACK of your heart, the receiving side of your heart chakra. 

Say to yourself : I OPEN TO RECEIVING LOVE. 


When we practice receiving love from ourselves through self-care and our daily thoughts, we learn what feels good to us, how we like to be loved, what our desires are, and a discernment for where our boundaries need to be.  One of my favorite authors, Danielle LaPort says, "Wide open heart.  Big f*cking fence."  Meaning we can move about the world with our big beautiful hearts open and we don't allow just anyone in willy nilly if they don't have our best interests in THEIR heart.  

So this Valentine's week, I invite you to explore how it feels to receive by dropping your awareness to your heart center and taking some deep breaths.  Say this mantra as often or as little as you like.

Sending lots of love from my open heart to yours!  

This week's mantra :: I OPEN TO RECEIVING LOVE. 


**If you're located in the Twin Cities, we'll be exploring this theme of LOVE this month in circles.  I've added a new moon circle to my offerings each month, where we use journaling, reflecting, guided visualization, and a creative craft to set intentions for our best life.  Breathwork circles are a self-healing evening of setting intentions and then using the breath as mediation to process emotions, listen to our body, and clear out any of that old ish we no longer need.  If you'd like to come to both, I created a Monthly Moon Pass just for you!  Hope to see you soon. xo