Monday Mantra :: Begin

Every day is a fresh start..jpg

I'll admit that I am an "on the day" kind of gal.  I like to celebrate my birthday ON THE DAY.  I like to celebrate holidays on the day.  In the past when I'm working on new habits or starting something new, I like to wait til Monday or the first of the month or the start of the year to begin.  

A couple things have started to help me shift this mindset a bit as I'm feeling the rigidness and limitations it puts upon me and my personal growth.  As I began to pay attention and follow the moon cycles, I found that the energy of the new moon (or the Spring Equinox or Winter Solstice!) actually begins a few days before and ends a few days after.  Don't have time to sit and journal or reflect on the ACTUAL new moon?? No problem!  Just do it the next day or the day before in your own timing.  

I've also been in a nutrition and mindset coaching program since last July and the philosophy is 1% better each day.  No, not focusing on "perfection" ("say what?!" exclaims my inner perfectionist!), but just a little better.  Focusing on doing habits, taking small actions, starting fresh EACH DAY, which has increased my quality of life (and my health) a hundred-fold.  

So when I read this phrase, which is our mantra this week, on social media this weekend, my body gave a big ol' YES :: Every day is a fresh start.

How does your body feel when you read that?  Do you get a sense of relief?  Possibility?  Freedom?  

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Feel your feet on the floor as you straighten your spine long.

Say to yourself :: EVERY DAY IS A FRESH START.

This week also just so happens to be a new moon filled with spring energy, which is perfect for new beginnings, but every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.  I encourage you to do this short and simple meditation each morning when you wake up and perhaps each night before you go to bed.  The perfect bookend to your day as a reminder that you get to choose how to BEGIN and honor YOU in the way you move about your day and about your life.   

This week's mantra :: EVERY DAY IS A FRESH START.