Midweek Mantra :: Inner Guidance

{original image :: repost from @gracesmithtv} 

{original image :: repost from @gracesmithtv} 

Giving an energy healing session long distance this week, I was reminded by an important piece of what I do in sessions, in breathwork circles, and in new moon circles: give space for connecting to inner guidance.  My belief is that in "coming home to our bodies" we tap into that innate wisdom and intuitive sense that we each have within us.  

I admit that sometimes it's uncomfortable to be in our bodies because of the life experiences we have had (wounds, trauma, pain, being sensitive) or if we don't really want to hear what our bodies and our guidance has to say (like, something isn't working for us anymore or something in our life has to change - and change is hard!).  And sometimes it is really grounding and blissful and, well, HOME when we are in our bodies.  

The benefits of being at home in your body, however, are worth it.  And the more we pay attention to the little messages we receive from our inner guidance, the more they will come and the more trust we have in follow these cues.  It's like exercising a muscle!

How does your inner guidance speak to you? 

Do you get a gut feeling or a physical sensation in your body?  Are there images or colors or words or phrases or sounds or numbers that come to you?  Is it a song on the radio at the exact right time that gives you the message you need?  Is there a little quiet voice that gives you a little yes or no?   

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Close your eyes briefly and bring your awareness to the center of your forehead.

Say to yourself: I TUNE IN TO MY INNER GUIDANCE.  

And if you're looking for some help in hearing your wisdom and connecting to your body, I am here for you.  This is what I love to do!  There are a variety of tools to guide you in connecting to your wisdom, so find what resonates for you by practicing with this mantra when you are looking for clarity or centering.  

This week's mantra :: I TUNE IN TO MY INNER GUIDANCE.