Monday Mantra :: Expansion

Hooray, hooray it's finally May!

Do you feel it?  

The change in the air.  

The new beginnings.  The shifts.  The anticipation just before the action.  The bursting forth.  The growth spurt.  The restlessness and the resistance.  

The opportunity to say yes to the things that jive with you and the chances to say no to the old you.  

We are in a period of expansion and how does that feel for you??  
Where in your life is there an aching to be bigger?  An urge to do something differently?  Where has there been an ending?  Are there nudges pulling or pushing you in a certain direction, perhaps even out of your comfort zone?  

This week's mantra invites us to bring awareness to our expansion and our growth.  Where awareness grows, energy flows... so we get to notice and name how that feels for us.  By shining a light, we get to expand with all the human realness that comes with it, rather than allowing "unawareness" to become a piece of the resistance or self-sabatogue we could be known for.  

It's a full moon on Wednesday, so this is the perfect time to take inspiration from the full, bright, and beautiful moon.  Feel, stretch, and grow into fullness.

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Feel the breath expand and contract your rib cage and your lungs.

Say to yourself: I am expanding.  

This is particularly helpful at the beginning of the day or when you are approaching something that feels difficult.  Just take notice.  Feel it to heal it.  Then ground down into your roots and allow yourself to take up glorious space!

This week's mantra :: I AM EXPANDING.  


**Twin Cities Loves!  In following the theme of expansion, I've added another breathwork circle to each month... this time at a space in Minneapolis.  This gives us a chance to come together in community on both the second and fourth Friday of every month to give ourselves some sweet time for breathing and inner emotional work.  I would love to have you whenever you make it!