Midweek Mantra :: Nourish

As a holistic health coach and a nutrition nerd (I love reading and discussing all things health!), this is one of my favorite times of year: the return of abundance at the Farmer's Markets.  

Not only are there more options available in terms of fruits and veggies both in the store, garden,  and locally from the farm, but there are more little farm stands and markets that open up, giving us more opportunities to purchase delicious, fresh, and ripe food right from the source.  

And the thing I've discovered for myself in my years of pursuing healing is that eating high quality food is one of the best forms of self care for our bodies.  

Purchasing organic when you can, buying the best coffee, or savoring the gourmet chocolate are actions that tell you "I am worth it!" 

And the awesome side effect is it makes us healthier, gives us more energy, and provides everyday pleasures with each meal and each sip.  

"Nutrients" also applies to more than just food.  It could be quality entertainment, quality conversation, quality thoughts.  Upleveling your environment in an act of self-care.  So pull this mantra out of your pocket whenever you need a reminder that you crave quality because you are worth it.  

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Feel into your beautiful body temple.


(Or insert your area of focus: I NOURISH MY BODY WITH QUALITY _______.) 

Use this mantra especially when you're having an indecisive moment in the grocery store, before you eat, as you cook your decadent meal, when you are savoring a treat.  Say this to yourself when you are planning your weekend, date night, or find yourself with a free chunk of time.  What kind of QUALITY are you going to NOURISH yourself with?? 

If you're needing a little support from a health coach about how to make changes to your nutrition, emotional health, or lifestyle, I'm your gal!