New Moon Message :: Unfolding

Card featured in image from  The Moon Deck.   

Card featured in image from The Moon Deck.  

Happy May New Moon!

One of the energy healing modalities I work with is called Esoteric Healing, where I work off the body of my client using my hands and inner perception to check in with and bring to balance the flow in my client's energy, finding what is stuck in the field, and holding space for all the pieces in the chakra systems to come to harmony.  (Had you told me ten years ago that I'd be able to sensitize my focus in order to feel the energy of someone's adrenals in the palms of my hands, I would've said you crazy!)  I love this modality because it allows me to tap into intuitive guidance from the body, emotions, and energy of those I work with.  

A couple of weeks ago, I had a session with a client whose fallopian tubes felt pulled tight like a taut bungie chord, which was not a usual sensation from this particular client in the past.  Tuning into this energy in her body, I heard this message for my client: "Everything you are creating is unfolding in perfect timing."

The fallopian tubes are part of a female's reproductive system within the sacral chakra, which is connected to our creativity and our ability to physically manifest our desires into the world.  

Especially in this season of spring when the world is ripe for planting, this message is important for all of us.  I know I am really, really good at living in the future within my mind.  I see what I want and how it looks at the end of the road, but find myself incredibly impatient when I'm not there yet! 

The nature of a seed is to grow.  Given the right conditions, that's what it does naturally.  With the right amount of water, sunshine, nourishment, it will do what it is made to do... push up through the earth against gravity, sprout, and bloom.

However, what it DOESN'T need is us to dig it up every so often to check in on it to see if it is growing.  It is.  We can trust that process.  

Same with our creative projects or the things we are manifesting in our lives.  There's a creative process.  A journey.  Just like the moon cycle and the seasons, there is a timing to creation.  An unfolding.  

(Of course, the opposite is always true and there are some seeds and dreams that DON'T grow.  We still experience TIMING and this kind of timing allows us to experience loss, the waning cycle, and the dying process, but that's another topic for another blog.)

So, now with this new moon, we get to plant our desires and give them nourishment in the form of actions and support.  Then, rather than forcing things and having tight bungie chord energy in our systems, we get to TRUST and leave space for DIVINE TIMING.  We get to have patience and embrace the journey and the process.  We get to chose to live in the moment.     

Easier said than done sometimes, but here's a mantra to use when you need (I know I do!): 

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Feel into the power in your pelvis and your creative center.



With today's new moon, take a few minutes to tune into what intentions you'd like to set during the last new moon of spring.  Write it in your journal, share it with a friend or loved one, whisper it to the night sky, tell the earth's soil, or send a note to me so I can hold it with you.  Then, with a deep breath, allow the journey to unfold in perfect timing, feeling into the emotions and sensations every step of the way.



**June and July dates have been opened up in my online scheduler, if you'd like to book an Esoteric, Reiki, or Breathwork one-on-one session.  Sessions can be done in person or via phone/skype (and available for the loves who live far away!).  xo!