Monday Mantra :: Resistance

The first beginning minutes in a breathwork session (whether in a group, by yourself at home, or in a one-on-one session) is the work phase.  Those six minutes right off the bat are some of the hardest because the mind is still wanting to be in control of the situation.  We can experience tightness, tension, a distracting dry mouth.  We come right up against our own resistance.  

This is on my mind currently because I'm about to head off to Joshua Tree, California this weekend for a two day training with my Breathwork teacher, David Elliot.  The last time I was in training with him was about two years ago and breathing for a full week removed so many old layers.  Tons of old ish got looked at, felt, and released.  It was a lot of change for one week and, while it was an AMAZING experience, it was intense.  And sometimes, once you change, it's hard to go back to the way things were.  

So as the days get closer to my departure into the magical desert land with a community of incredible breathwork people, I can feel my system preparing itself.  My energy and spirit are getting ready for whatever change might occur and I'm needing to remember to bring my body along for the ride, gently.

This has got me thinking about all of us and the mini-micro changes we go through in our day to day, as well as the big, once-in-a-lifetime changes.  

For one reason or another, we sometimes resist change.  Change is difficult, uncomfortable, freeing, exhilarating, heartbreaking, grief-filled, joyous, and empowering all at the same time.  And that can be tough on a body.

I once had an intuitive teacher tell me that it's the soul who wants to conquer mountains and go on grand adventures, but it's the body who wants to stay at home, slouch on the couch, and eat hamburgers all day.  

With this in mind we get to let our souls fly while also giving our body space to catch up (and maybe indulge in a few bonbons from time to time).  We can keep our eyes open for where we are resisting: what that looks like, how it feels, why it might be manifesting.  I know I've said this a many times before but where we have awareness by noticing and naming, the healing process can begin.  

So this week's mantra (inspired by a Moon Deck card!) helps us practice being aware of where we feel resistance and how we can move through it with self compassion.  To use this awareness as knowledge into knowing ourselves better.  

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Scanning your body for tightness, tension, feelings of resistance, emotions.


With the full moon this past Friday, we are transitioning into a waning moon phase, which is potent time for RELEASING and cleaning out the clutter.  As the moon sheds her layers of light as she makes her way back to the "new" phase, we too can begin to peel away and move into times of change and transition with kindness.  As we move into a new season next week, or anytime you find yourself in a place where you need a little reminder to be gentle with yourself, you can use this mantra throughout your day.