Friday Focus :: Play

Happy Summer, sweet friend!

Sometimes being an adult can get so serious, so today I wanted to give you a little focus for your Friday... to carry you into this summer weekend.  It's simple and short, creative and enjoyable.

It's about inviting in more PLAY.  

How I like to look at this is: what did I love to do as a child?  What did I love most about summer when I was young and carefree?  

Let the watermelon juice run down your chin.  Wiggle your toes in the green grass.  Spend time by a body of water.  Go on a quest for fireflies.  

What brings you joy?
What makes you feel good?

Engage your senses.
What invigorates your tastebuds?  What music makes you want to sway and play?  What flowers or sights make your eyes light up?  What sensations do you like to feel against your skin?  What scents make you nostalgic for days gone by?

Take a deep inhale and exhale.

Close your eyes and hold the spirit of summer and the essence of play in your heart.

Say to yourself: I INVITE IN MORE PLAY.   

As we enter into warmer weather, allow the heat to melt you and help you slow down.  Allow that inner child to emerge and help you be more playful.

Stop and take a moment to enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, campfires, the barbecue next door.  Feel the grass under your feet, the breeze against your cheek, the light clothes on your torso, and the tickle of a feather against your arm.  Spend time in nature to soak in all the glorious beauty of creation.  Dance and jig and twirl and sing your heart out.  Indulge in your favorite ice cream flavor, gobble up all the fresh fruits and veggies, and pack an adult picnic basket with all of the fancy gourmet meats and cheeses that make you feel divine.  Pick up a game of catch or jam out with your instruments.  Play, play, play!