Winter Welcome

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Welcome to the New Year!

There's something about the energy of the new year that I just love.  New beginnings are kind of my favorite thing.  That's one reason why I love new moons, birthdays, the first of the month, Mondays, and the inhale of each breath.  It's an opportunity to start fresh.  Begin again.  

Change, adapt, revamp, re-dedicate, renew, transform.  

While I believe we can START something whenever we want, at any time, it is fun to utilize the energy of a new year as motivation.  To ride the wave of anticipation, planning, and intention setting. 

While you are making your resolutions, intentions, or just following your desire to feel better, for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, this is also just a reminder that with the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we've entered into the WINTER SEASON.  

Winter is the perfect time for DREAMING.  

For planning and planting the seeds you wish to bloom and nurture in the spring.  This energy from the start of 2018 is really a perfect match for this dreaming part of the season. 

Winter is also about RESTING.  

As the trees and the earth have gone dormant, bears are hibernating, and other animals stay cozy in their nests and burrows, so too are our bodies ready to hibernate.  It's the time to eat hearty and warm soups, stews, broths, and roasted foods.  It's the time to support our immune systems with vitamin d supplements, teas, sleep, and warmth.  It's the time for getting quiet and reflecting and resting.

My gentle reminder to you is this: 

As you feel the resolve to cut out sugar, get back on the exercise bandwagon, jumpstart your yoga practice, plan to meditate daily, or make progress in your career (or do nothing different at all - that's okay too!), remember that it is also completely valid to rest and slow down.  Listen to your body and give it the care it needs so you can accomplish all of your desires and needs. 

Let me know one thing you're excited to get started on in this new year and one way you will rest this winter!

Happy Winter-ing!


Resources for Supporting Your Intentions: