Own Your Magic

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a love note here with my musings and I think that’s due to the fact that I was seriously savoring summer, which ended up just blending right into savoring fall!

As many Minnesotans can attest to, when the weather is nice, you gots to just be outside as much as possible before subzero temperatures return to the frozen tundra of the midwest. So, the past several months, I’ve been focused on being outside, connecting to nature, and as evidence by my instagram feed, posting as many nature pictures as I can.

The funny part is that I do most of my best writing when I’m outside walking the trails and taking in the beautiful surroundings. I’ve written you millions of blogs in my mind over the past several months, but they never quite got to the electronic version of this here online journal. Perhaps that will be a project for winter, when I’d rather be cozy indoors on the couch with my warm beverage and wooly socks.


Untitled design-14.jpg

In my breathwork circle on Friday, I shared that I had recently watched The Greatest Showman for the second time with my man. While the songs are still stuck playing in my head today, the colorful imagery and fantastical messages are stuck playing in my heart.


We may not have horns coming out of our head or a beard on our face, but we may have talents, fetishes, gifts, strengths, or quirks that are "out of the box" and don't fit with the labels society gives us. They might be considered odd or strange. Our dreams might be considered "out there". Our ideas too weird, too big, too loud, or too impossible. Our expression and energy too much.


I get a little misty eyed thinking of how much colorful, mystical, fantastical, unbelievable, amazing, creative magic is hidden away inside of us because we might be afraid to shine, to be great, to be seen. To maybe fail. But to also maybe succeed in ways we ever knew we could until we try. 


My wish is for us, (on this Halloween day and every day in between) as we wind our way to the end of this year, to own our magic. Follow our muse. Embrace our "too much". To give some love to the parts of ourselves we've hidden away. Because as Hugh Jackman would sing, "Cause everything you want is right [inside] of you."