Year Four :: Keep Going

Happy Polar Vortex!

It’s a frigid 16 below (and dropping) day here in Minnesnowta, so I’m gratefully taking the cue from Mother Nature to stay indoors where the blankets are warm and the coffee is hot. I love this time when the weather conditions force places to close early and the neighborhood street is super quiet. Also, huge shout out to those people who still have to be out an about on a day like today, like our rescue responders, furnace repair people, cashiers, support staff, and the UPS driver who just dropped off my package!


While I’ve been updating my website and social media channels with the upcoming events I’m holding over the course of the next couple months, I realized that I’ve started my 4th year of leading monthly breathwork circles at River Garden Yoga Center in St. Paul. Wow how time flies! That studio has been such a beautiful little nest for all the groups that have come into the space to breathe and through that offering I’ve met so many amazing and wonderful people.

Flashback to a couple of years ago: my last circle in a healing center in New York (Maha Rose) before I moved back to MN was filled with powerful, creative women who were eager to continue the work with me. Afterward, when I let them know I was relocating, I questioned whether I was making a huge mistake in picking myself up from where I’d done most of my training, growing, changing and coming back to my hometown where I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in what I had to offer! I knew I had family and some friends in MN who loved me, but after being gone for 5ish years, I worried if I’d be able to find my people and if I’d be able to rekindle relationships.

On one of my visits to MN after I had been trained in breathwork, I had found River Garden to hold my first circle, so I had a space to bring my groups to once I had officially moved. My first group after I was back had a total of three people: my mom, my man, and a new friend I had recently met (and is still a dear friend to this day!).

Slowly but surely, month after month, and circle after circle, I’ve made it to year four and there’s such a lovely community of breathers that show up for the work (and themselves). It’s been the process of being present and holding space each month for a group of two, of five, of 17, of ten, of three, and the varying number in between. Some breathers come every month and some just come once. Some classes are small and some are filled to the brim. It’s been a magical ride of showing up and trusting in the work and relying on that word of mouth buzz that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

And the moral of the story here is: keep showing up. Know that some things take time to build and if you take it one day at a time you’ll soon look back and see how far you’ve come and just how much you’ve created.

This lesson is actually quite hard for me to be honest. I’m a big picture, big vision kind of gal and I can see 50 steps ahead of myself to where I want to be and how it will look, but the slow, day to day progress part gets me feeling impatient at times. Maybe that’s part of my Sagittarius nature coming through… :)

So as we continue our way through this new year, show up for yourself. One step at a time. Celebrate those successes. Find the fun along the way. Enjoy the process and the progress. Keep going. Trust your intuition. Change course when you need to. Rest when you need to. And then keep going. One day at a time. One aligned action step at a time.

Also, a big ol’ THANK YOU from the bottom of my tender heart for those of you who have shown up for any of my offerings. You being here allows me to do what I love and I am so grateful. Blaze on beauties!