Message From My Plants

shamrock plants.jpg

I was about to toss these plants out.

The top one didn’t have any growth for some time now and I actually questioned myself as to why I was even still watering it. I was just lazy about putting them in the compost I guess and maybe still feeling just a still attached to hope.

And then this week, as I was walking past the end table these have lived on, I stopped in my tracks as I saw out of the corner of my eye the perfect little shamrocky leaves of the bottom pot sitting there gleefully. Oh hello! You ARE alive! AND THEN!! The next day, I saw the little shoot coming up from the top pot which I was SURE was a goner! I exclaimed to my man with disbelief and pure joy!

And I was reminded that life and growth are happening underneath the surface.

That we go through periods of time that feel stagnant or still or like we are hibernating or in the fertile void of nothingness.

That sometimes we can’t see the seeds that are beginning to burst forth or where our next steps are taking us, but the seeds are there and we can continue to tend to them. We can continue to take the next best step knowing that the path will unfold or we’ll look back eventually and see just how far we’ve come.

And just like these little plant babies, we can grow and bloom. We can wilt. Parts of ourselves can die, be released, recycled, dry up. We can rest and wait and percolate. And we can begin again, start fresh, grow, and push through the darkness towards the sun.

So that is my plant medicine musings for you.

Spring is coming. The cycles of life are always turning.

What can you do for yourself right now today to nourish the sweetness of your being?