I Gave Myself A Timeout


I got caught in the “Comparison Trap” on Tuesday after spending a significant time scrolling through social media. Can you relate?

For the most part, I find instagram and facebook to be amazing tools of connection and expression, creativity and community. I know the point of many of the posts from people is to inspire and lift me up, but I found myself comparing so-in-so’s success, outreach, images, message, tech capabilities, offerings, etc etc etc to my own, which rather than firing me up to take action, put me in a state of overwhelm and analysis paralysis.


Not the most productive or kind way to spend an afternoon! After doing a little inquiry as to why my energy was so low and why I felt totally unmotivated or inspired to write/create/be excited about possibility!, I realized it was the numbing out, scrolling habit of that little screen in my hands that was enabling my victim-mode procrastination.

So I put myself in a time-out on Wednesday.

And it was EXACTLY what I needed. I share this because (in case you too need a self-imposed time-out! ha!):

That is the beauty of the waning moon season!

It’s an invitation to do a little inquiry into the systems, habits, mindsets, routines, relationships, patterns that we are into (almost on autopilot mode) and see what’s actually working for us and our highest good and what is not.

And then like the moon, which is shedding it’s light little by little, we are invited to try something else, let go of a “certain way of doing things”, clear some space in our mind and our being and our environment so that we are ready to have some new beginnings with the new moon.

A little point to ponder for yourself: where are you needing to mix things up? What feels out of alignment? Where have you gotten away from yourself? How can you release or make a change for yourself with this coming new moon?

For me, I’ve put up screen time boundaries on my phone and I’m loving waking up to a phone with no email and social media notifications right at my bedside. Spacious mornings are an important shift for me this spring.

Last year’s Spring Vision Boarding got snowed out (in April!!!) when we had a big snowstorm, so I hope I’m not jinxing MN by hosting another on (lol). If you feel like getting crafty, dreamy, and visiony (not a word, but fun to say), join me on Sunday, April 14th at Stockheart in Mpls - deets below!