Contraction and Expansion

moon series-2.jpg

Happy Spring! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring has officially arrived with today’s Spring Equinox -- the day where there’s equal balance of daytime and nighttime. We also have a full moon tonight and with the new sound of spring birds singing, I’m feeling all kinds of possibilities and hopeful.

With the arrival of spring, there is an emphasis on new beginnings. Of fresh starts.

However, in order to start something new, there often needs to be some sort of an ending. Closing a chapter can be a relief or it might bring up a lot of grief (or both!). Neither one is good or bad - you just might need to tend to your heart, nervous system, body in a slightly different way as you sit with and travel through the transition.

I call this portrait series “A Study In Contrast: Contraction vs Expansion” - haha!

I call this portrait series “A Study In Contrast: Contraction vs Expansion” - haha!

One day post-dog park as I was working from home, I found Moon curled up contently in his tight little donut shape. A short while later, I found him stretched out long. Snapping pictures of both states of being, I marveled at the contrast: of how he could make himself so small and in the next moment embrace his length and size. (I’m sure he was not concerned with this philosophical reflection, but instead was concentrating on the squirrel he was chasing in his sleep!)

Before we expand, we often have a moment of contraction.

To prepare for the jumping off point. Before we spread our wings, unfurl our leaves, burst forth our blossoms. It might get uncomfortable before it feels better! You might feel resistance and tightness and tension and self-doubt or fear or a plethora of other difficult emotions. But on the other side of that is the relief, the respite, the clarity, the growth, the freedom, the thrill, the joy.

What ways can you care for yourself during this time of transition? How can you tend to your body, mind, and heart during this period of death and rebirth? As you can see above, Moonie here likes to take lots of naps, play, and eat lots of treats!

If you’re in the Twin Cities, I’ll be holding breathwork THIS Friday (3/22) to help support us through the endings and beginnings of spring (, which is MY favorite way to deal with change.

Breathwork also works long distance, so book yourself a session from the comfort of your own home (no special tech needed!) if you feel like you need to exhale the old and inhale the new.

Sending you lots of love and hope and strength and space for your Spring Equinox Full Moon Feels. xo!