Lovable Already

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About six months ago, my man and I got married in a small, special ceremony surrounded by family. Little did I know this milestone would also be an opportunity to practice reprogramming my brain pathways!

Let me explain: a few weeks before the big day, I started to have a bit of a freak out… like I wasn’t ready to get married. This felt odd at first glance because I was actually feeling SO READY to officially wed my sweet man, but this anxiety was arising in me that felt like time was moving too fast. Looking a little closer to what was going on in my emotional world, I realized that with all the trappings, expectations, and “rules” that can surround a wedding, I wasn’t feeling ready because I hadn’t hit those ridiculous checklist items I had created for myself at some point: my income wasn’t big enough yet, my career not advanced enough yet, my muscles not sculpted enough yet, my invitations out too late... yada yada yada.

Bringing this into the light allowed me to have some compassion for myself and I reminded my inner critic and my brain of a truth that my spirit and heart already knew deep down: I am already LOVABLE EXACTLY AS I AM. I don’t need to prove my worth through productivity nor do I have to accomplish this or that in order to be loved. One of the greatest things about my now husband (and the reason I chose to marry him) is that he already loves me as I am right now and is willing to grow with me through all of those checklist items and cycles of life. And I get to gift myself that joy of loving myself as I am and growing with myself too.

{photos by @caitlinnightingale}

{photos by @caitlinnightingale}

As we get ready to throw our summer party bash soon to celebrate the seasons of Love, I can feel the shadows and whispers of this old programming hanging out in the back corners of my ego and so I am grateful for the reminder to continue reinforcing: I AM LOVABLE ALREADY.

So here’s your little reminder for yourself as you make your way from spring into summer, from new moon to full moon (on the 17th!):

YOU are lovable right now. You already are enough.

Shed those expectations and obligations you’ve picked up along the way that don’t actually resonate with who you actually are. You can start that project anytime, wear that outfit (or bikini) whenever you want, take time off or make space for rest when you need it, that you don’t have to DO anything right now in order to be loved. You already are. It’s your birthright.

Remind yourself of this when you need. And if you need help remembering your lovability, I’m here to remind you. xo