Breathing Myself Home

It had been several weeks since I intentionally laid down to breathe. Sure, I had done the breath technique for a few repetitions while at the dog park or out and about when I was feeling anxious or stressed or full of emotions. But I hadn’t done a full breathwork session until I did a one on one last week with my friend and fellow breathwork facilitator Amy. And as soon as I started breathing I said to myself, “ooooooh yeah. This is why I love this work so much. How did I forget about it?!”

As I was breathing, it felt like I was coming back home!

So today, when I was feeling stuck and restless with all this full moon eclipse energy, I knew I had to make time for my practice with breathwork. I put on an old playlist, grabbed my eye pillow, and laid on my bed to breathe with Moondogg next to me.

david elliot oils.jpg

And here’s the musings: we know what is good for us. We know what our soul food is. Some of us can be really good at making sure those nurturing gems are integrated into our routines and that is amazing. Some of us need reminders and structures, especially if we experience resistance to the work. So schedule the appointment. Sign up for the group or class. Ask a trusting friend to set up a date. Put it on the calendar.

For me, THIS TIME, it’s fitting in more opportunities for a full breathwork session where I can scream really loud and then feel the energy of pure potential flood my system. Or to cry those tears or bust through the indecision to more aligned clarity.

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For you, the activities or practices that feel like you’re coming back to yourself might look like something else and something different each time and that’s great. It might be time in the garden. Taking an art class. Writing in your journal. Working out and breaking a sweat. Gathering with friends. Dancing, drumming, cooking, sleeping, praying, singing, hiking. Putting your feet in the grass. Gazing at the moon.

My full moon eclipse wish for you is that you schedule time for what makes you feel like you are coming home to yourself. xo!

PS if being creative is what makes you come alive and you’re looking for a sacred container to birth a new project, my soul sister Meredith has created an amazing program to guide you through the creative steps. I’ve worked with her as a coach and has inspired me tremendously. Her program closes tonight - use the code HELEN for 30% off! Check out the Conscious Creative Incubator here!